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Tuesday, May 1, 2018 | BY: Giaspace

#DeleteFacebook  Nowadays it seems most people feel it is OK to voluntarily share their feelings about day to day happenings to them on a FREE web based platform.  Do we really blame Facebook and others for taking user (our) data and making money the same way marketing agencies have been doing all along?  The part of the system that we need to acknowledge is if we are not paying a dollar for a service, we are essentially paying with something.  Facebook and other social media sites received funding to be profitable and that is not to offer Social Media Services for free.  Investors want to make money on these platforms and the users are volunteering their data on a daily basis.  Feeding the machine for self gratification and notoriety has a cost and we need to be real about what can happen with what we are willingly offering.  Personally I have pulled back over a year ago and besides LinkedIn, do not need to people watch or feed the machine.  Everyone has their own right to do what they want with their data, but we need to be aware that this data is being seen by more than our peers.

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