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The Idea

Back in 1999, Y2K was on everyone’s mind. With the end of the year looming, many feared that when the clocks struck midnight signaling the start of January 1, 2000, any entity using a computer or machine powered by a computer chip would fail to operate properly unless the computers’ software was repaired or replaced before that date. IT companies, like Compaq where I was working, had teams working feverishly, checking systems and fixing software for government entities and enterprise companies.

The Problem

As news channels increased their reporting about the impending Y2K catastrophe, friends started calling asking me with urgency to take a look at their computers. It wasn’t long before word spread and I found myself offering similar services to small businesses. I became so inundated with calls and work I began asking my skilled friends and colleagues to help. Instead of the side work ending after the New Year as I had expected, it only increased as these small business owners wanted other types of IT support. Clients started asking us to simplify desktop applications, provide firewall protection, email spam, fix printer errors and more. That’s when GiaSpace was born.

The Solution

At GiaSpace, our team of experts comes to work every day because we’ve made it our mission to provide enterprise-level IT solutions to small-to-mid-size companies throughout Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach and all across Florida. Sure, I could tell you about our certifications, decades of experience and our competitive pricing, all of which are true, but that’s not why we do what we do. We do it because we know that, in today’s competitive, digitally-driven marketplace, every business regardless of size needs and deserves the tools, technologies, service and support we provide.

On any given day, you’ll find us...

Upgrading Servers Standardizing PC’s Preventing Viruses from Infiltrating Networks Delivering HIPAA Compliance Solutions
Conducting Security Audits Developing Company Disaster & Recovery Plans Testing Redundancy Systems Customizing IT Solutions

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