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VoIP, Voice Over Internet Protocol, is similar to a traditional phone system, but rather than use telephone wire and networks, a VoIP system uses the internet. Not only can VoIP increase your business’s flexibility and productivity, it can save you money by removing the upfront investment of a stand-alone phone system.

With VoIP, you can access your phone system from any internet connection.

GiaSpace VoIP solutions include:
• Help desk from a certified PBX support professional
• Installation, maintenance, and support.
• Migration from your current business phone system to VoIP
• Unlimited calling around the globe

Hosted VoIP – Easy to Use, Easy to Manage
Hosted VOIP does more than allow your employees to stay connected without being attached to the office or a desk. It eliminates the threat of potential power outages from South Florida’s inclement weather. Should the internet line to your office go down, your VoIP system can still take calls, routing them to cell phones. Hosted VoIP delivers a unified phone system in the cloud that lets you connect anywhere, anytime.

Harness the benefits of VoIP:
• Can add and remove extensions on the fly
• Fully managed solution
• No Server hardware or cards to purchase
• Port your numbers over or use your own sip trunks
• Remote user-friendly
• Smartphone apps
• Web interface

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